Our products are made with materials backed by rich history and incomparable quality. Designed with a watchful eye on our customer’s unique spirit and handcrafted with care, we thrive on your pride in our goods.

We exclusively source materials from American companies that share our core values. We intentionally seek longevity, we love a generational family business, we connect to those with a story and a purpose behind their work.


About Liv Grant


A textile artist + designer, Liv Grant, was artistically influenced by her Interior Designer Mom and educated about textiles by her Dad in the family’s marching band uniform factory, Liv showed an early gift for design and construction.   Painting, sculpting, drawing, and sewing all came naturally.  By the age of 16, Liv was selling custom décor.

Liv holds dual BFA degrees from The University of Kansas in Textile Design and Art History.  She honed her skills constructing costumes for the KU Theatre Department. Her design perspective is broadened by her studies in Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain; and many US locations rich in culture and history. 


After graduating from KU in 3 short years, Liv moved to Chicago. Working tirelessly after her 'day job' as an art educator and director for a private school in Chicago, Liv built her business from the ground up. First seen at Randolph Street Market, Guerrilla Truck Show and Renegade Craft Fair you can now see live in over 20 locations around the United States (as well as Paris, France!).

Liv now offers hand dyed and constructed natural fiber clothing, bags and fashion accessories as well as tableware, pillows, leather goods, one-of-a-kind wall art and custom weavings / fiber installations in her small batch collections. "Blurring the line between art and function... Thats me fighting the good fight" Liv says.

Fabric manipulation by dying and sculpting, transforming two dimensional material into a three dimensional work of art, quality construction and attention to detail are top priorities.  Liv is inspired by nature and finds art in everyday life, from her dip dyed tableware that was inspired by rain sheeting down her window, to her nail + string motorcycle wall art inspired by road trips through Nevada's Death Valley desert. Her outlook led to her hand crafted business, liv+work.  


Liv resides in Wichita, KS. A city growing rapidly in the past 5 years with loads of artistic talent and unique, historical venues. She saw a need for a market to sell more high-end (yet still entirely handmade) goods from local artists, designers, makers, chefs and musicians. And Haute Handmade Pop Up Market was born! The love child of Liv and her good friend Genny Werth, Haute Handmade pops up in local eateries and pubs several times a year, showcasing local (and now drawing out of town makers!) handmade goods that specialize in a high end clientele. This is a whole new kind of market for Wichita.   Liv: "This city is quirky, grungy, talented, growing like crazy and begging to be in the spotlight. I happily advocate for my hometown by simply lifting it up, and showing it for what it is. A kick ass, groovy place to be."


In November of 2015 Liv was in a severe car accident following a show (where she of course had a booth selling her product) resulting in a broke back, 4 broken facial bones and major damage to her right eye. After many months of recovery, she underwent 3 surgeries to assist in the rehabilitation, and ultimate removal, of her right eye. Liv is now completely blind in her right eye, yet healthy, stronger than ever, dawning a beautiful hand painted prosthetic eye and amazed by the power of the body, herself and the supportive community that surrounds her!


In April 2016, the liv+work Pop Up Shop had its grand opening with much success! A retro camper was overhauled into a wall to wall liv+work mobile store. Items displayed as they would be in a home, closet, kicthen/living room. Liv and her dog Gracie spent the summer cruising around, spreading the love and handmade goods at markets, festivals, concerts and gallery showings. Read more about the making and story behind the shop on wheels in the link above.


One year later, in April of 2017, Liv opened the first brick and mortar store for liv+work. There she not only sells her collection of home goods, art and clothing, but also features local artists with other high end, quality made goods; holds mini market craft fairs and Final Friday gallery showings; and teaches multiple workshops a month to spread the creative vibes around her community! Come check it out!



Liv's goal is to create beautiful, functional, sexy and personal works, sharing her artistic perspective with her customers through hand crafted materials made in America.  Every product is crafted from materials sourced from wholesome American companies. Sharing a foundation of quality materials and genuine values with her vendors is a top priority.