Behind the hiatus ::

Well, it started the day of Christmas ( / first night of Hanukkah), it’s been 3 days and I’m still wondering how Im going to pull this off. But I started my business in a “studio” that was originally my closet in a tiny Chicago apartment, got busy enough to quit my day job as an art teacher and remodeled a 2 bedroom camper into a retail store... Sooo comparatively speaking, taking a small breather should be a piece of cake right? Righhhttt.


Production. Sewing, dyeing, cutting patterns... That is what I fill most of my day with. This past year was busier than ever for making products and filling orders. It was hard to keep track, and honestly keep up. 

Looking back, I have never done so many shows, workshops or pumped out that many products at once!

Each year’s end is very symbolic to me. I stay away from the New Year’s resolutions but I do use this time to reflect and reset. As I do so this week, it’s pretty apparent to me that I may have packed my days (and nights) full of producing, signed up for too many shows (sometimes 3-4 in one month) and pushed myself harder than ever as a bit of over-compensation. 2016 was a year of recovery for me. 3 surgeries, 7 healing bones, 1 prosthetic, struggling to start my workouts again, adjusting to life with half my sight, regaining my energy and positive attitude -- I could go on and on. 

Any of you who know me personally know that I am uniquely stubborn in my efforts to always look on the bright side and give a strong girl-power-punch to any bad day. Upon looking back, its pretty hilariously obvious that I over compensated with work to feel “back on track”.

But I don’t regret any of it. However, this girl needs a break! :)


Before I log off with this post...

There is one more reason why I am choosing to take a hiatus this month. As my business has grown, I’ve come to a cross-roads. In some ways I am still operating this business as a hobby. I fly by the seat of my pants creating products in the moment; instead of conceptualizing collections 1-2 seasons ahead of time like most professional design houses. I sign up for shows on a whim; instead of planning my year of travel and shows at the beginning of the year creating a flow of travel on the road like a tour, and budgeting for the big shows I dream of doing along with the smaller hometown markets I attend often.

I am so grateful to have loyal customers, enthusiastic fans and supportive friends and family who have catapulted my brand to this point! How wonderful is it that I even have this opportunity to step back and rethink the way I work?!

So here I go. With many many thanks to you all! 60 days of hiatus from production to reshape the backend of liv+work (process, conception, website redesign, wholesale books, rebranding, etc.) I promise to stay connected along the way posting little snippets like this. And I invite you to comment and share because I wouldn’t be here without you, and I can’t go through it without you.