HI·A·TUS (noun)

: a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.


***(Okay, first things first: THE ONLINE SHOP WILL STILL BE OPEN! You adorable liv+work fiends can still order goodies and they will be delivered to you as usual! The items you see online are designs that are currently in stock and ready to be shipped upon order.)


...And so Im taking one. A hiatus.

It seems ironic, counter-intuitive, and honestly... more challenging for me to take a break from work than not. But Im doing it.

Not with out thought and planning of course! For the month on January and a small part of February, liv+work will be on hiatus. What does that mean??

I will be writing a mini-blog about the hiatus, my process through this break, and how liv+work will be different on the other side. Follow along here, on the shop and more… I'll be posting plenty of links for us to stay connected.


Until then,

You're over worked and ever grateful designer friend,

Liv. xoxo